A drone strike by the United States in Afghanistan led to the death of 10 members of a family, including six children, according to a BBC report. The 10 people were killed when a car parked at their home was struck by an explosion on Sunday. According to the US military, a vehicle carrying at least one person associated with the Afghanistan branch of ISIS was targeted. The report suggests that people nearby may have been affected on account of the US drone strike.

Among those killed are people who had previously worked with international organisations and possessed visas that allowed them entry to the United States. The US Central Command said that they are investigating reports of the incident but are unclear as to how 10 people could have been killed. There had been a number of “substantial and powerful explosions” following the drone strike, according to the US Central Command.

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The Central Command says that this indicates there was a substantial amount of explosive material inside which may have caused “additional casualties”.

Earlier, the US Central Command said that the strike intended to eliminate an imminent threat to Kabul airport. The United States conducted drone strikes after a suicide bomber belonging to ISIS-Khorasan, Afghanistan’s ISIS affiliate, killed more than 100 people including 13 US troops outside the Kabul airport last Thursday.

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Many of those killed on Thursday were waiting to be evacuated from Afghanistan by flights coming in from several countries. The US has been warning of terror threats in Kabul since Afghanistan fell to the Taliban on August 15. The US is expected to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by August 31, Tuesday.

On Monday, a US anti-missile system reportedly intercepted rockets flying over the capital and going towards the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul. Videos and pictures carried by local media showed smoke wafting across rooftops of Kabul and what appeared to be a burning car on the street.