Online dating is the fad of the times we are living in. Considering that going out and physical meetings are not an option, talking to someone special online seems like the only we are going to find our soulmates or a coffee buddy if it doesn’t work. This way or that way, online dating is here to stay. However, offline is not always the right place to know someone for real, especially the one you are going to date.

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Online dating does not really allow two people to get to know each other as well, mainly because they cannot physically read each other’s body language and also considering the COVID-19 effects, people tend to be more emotionally vulnerable and what they say online cannot be always trusted.

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To make things easier for you and help you understand if the person you are chit-chatting with at 3 am on a dating app is worth meeting in person, we have compiled a list of questions, you must ask them before taking a giant leap in that regard.

Tell me 3 words your close friends use to describe you

A person is at its truest form when they are with their close friends and what an individual’s inner circle thinks about them is the most real introduction you can get. By asking this question you will also get a third-person perspective on your potential partner.

What’s your favourite all-time snack?

Studies have proven that for two people to really connect, food choices play an integral role. Also, someone's taste in food reveals a lot about how they are as a person or whether they will be compatible partners.

Between your mother, friend and co-worker who do you reply to first?

This question will really help you learn a person's character. Whether the individual is family-oriented or a work freak. If they are rational enough and most importantly whether they are the kind of person you would feel compatible with