AugLi powered Indian Debating League places the youth front and centre for the vision on UN Sustainable Development Goals NEW DELHI, Oct. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Indian Debating League is the IPL of Debating, wherein teams from 28 states and 8 UTs have been united by AugLi, a 21st-century Future Skills Academy, to put forth their points of view and address the UN SDG issues relevant for the nation. Providing the school students with a top tier public speaking platform has been well-received, with 3500+ participants competing and 50,000 spectators cheering this debate tournament.

Founder Anjali Tiwary believes, "Debating is not the prerogative of the privileged. We can't have a few people design the future, just because they have had an opportunity. Every child must have a seat on the table." Indian Debating League (IDL) addresses this like IPL does - search for fresh talent, give exposure to the very best and create the ecosystem to make debating thrive in India.

The feisty finals between the two-state teams go live today on 2nd Oct'21. The top 18 students from Grades 4 to 12 are voicing their thoughts on national issues. You can join in here - These students are the top contenders having played 4 matches already on SDGs relevant for their States. While metros' teams passionately discussed rapid urbanization pitfalls, the coastal states of Gujarat and West Bengal were at loggerheads vying to get focus on the ocean economy. Interestingly, the teams got a nature's thumbs-up as the adjudicators heard a thunder strike during the debate itself.

As preparation for the debates, the contenders have been groomed by international and national debate coaches with extensive live Masterclass sessions. Likes of Harish Natarajan, Brian Wong and Jason Xiao, the current coaches of Hong Kong and Canada, have given practical tips to the young minds. Watch the Masterclasses - Co-Founder Kamal Kashyap believes, "League-based competitions engage and excite students to learn the most, as compared to any other medium, similar to e-sports leagues, which see participation from millions of students. This same excitement needs to be replicated in the Education sector as well." This passion has been shared by partners like ISDS, Fampay, Openhouse, Tinkerly, Sanako and Tutela, who have joined hands to democratize debating in India. With this innovative concept creating a buzz globally, AugLi is set to launch International Debating Leagues across geographies including Canada, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the US.

For more information, visit AugLi at, or contact or +91 88104 65799.

About AugLi AugLi enables learners to be more aware, have a point of view and express themselves better. It focuses on the 21st century competencies based on digital literacy, communication, critical thinking and collaboration across networks. Mentored by global educators and advisors from our Alma maters, Stanford University and IIT Delhi, we were recognised by the Global Skills and Education Forum in Dubai, Business Today, Inc42 and Singapore EdTech Finalist Nov 2020 as one of the innovative solutions for Critical Thinking.