Netflix series The Crown is a 100 million dollars show. The hit true-life drama which has been described as 'the most expensive television series ever'. The show has been created by piecing together events, photos, film archives, speeches, and first-hand witness accounts that had all been recorded for history's sake.

Here we take a look at some of the most shocking moments in the show:

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1. The Queen would turn a blind eye to her husband's partying

Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth II met during their time at Windsor, after he had joined the Royal Navy. Despite having an age difference as she was five years his junior, they liked each other and got married in 1947. Understanding how much pressure he was under and that he was always in her shadow, the Queen often turned a blind eye to his late-night partying or weekends away with his close male friends. "She was forgiving of him, because she felt that he’d been emasculated by her position, and he’s a very alpha male," Royal biographer Ingrid Seward told the Radio Times.

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2. Prince Phillip was an outrageous flirt

Prince Phillip during his early years, was handsome, charming and also a good dancer. During season two, when Jackie Kennedy arrives at Buckingham Palace, Prince Phillip can be seen flirting openly with the First Lady – something which happened a lot. "The Queen would turn a blind eye to it. She was confident in his love, and she sort of said, 'Well men will be men.' That was her attitude. It doesn’t mean she was not hurt, but she wouldn’t show it," revealed Seward.

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3. Prince Charles really did think school was a prison sentence

When it came to making a decision about Prince Charles' education – Prince Phillip wanted full control. He said that Prince Charles would attend Gordonstoun in Scotland to have privacy from media. The Queen Mother argued that he would be "terribly cut off and lonely in the far north" but this time Prince Phillip did not pay heed. Prince Charles was miserable, lonely and depressed during his time and he recalls this time as "a prison sentence" and his close school friend revealed, "He was crushingly lonely for most of his time there. The wonder is that he survived with his sanity intact."

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4. The Queen did stop her sister from marrying her true love

In 1953, Princess Margaret - the Queen's only sibling - was spotted spending time with RAF Group Captain Peter Townsend. This was brought to light by a journalist and the scandal was made public. Following the death of her father, King George VI, Townsend was employed as the controller of the Royal household and this is how the affair began.

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Townsend was a divorcee, yet he proposed to a then-22-year-old Princess Margaret. But as she was under 25, she needed the Queen's permission to marry. The Queen, with the help of Winston Churchill, sent Townsend out to Brussels for work and Margaret was told to wait until she was older. However, if she chose to marry a divorcee she would lose her royal spending allowance and her claim to the throne. Margaret was left with no choice other than to let go of her dreams of marrying Townsend.

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