New Delhi, Oct 10 (PTI) Fifty-four cases under the Arms Act, 51 under Excise Act, and nine under the NDPS Act were registered in three districts of the Delhi Police in September, according to official data.

The northwest district has registered 15 cases under the Arms Act and arrested 19 people. A total of three firearms and 13 knives were recovered from there, it said.

According to the data, the outer district registered 29 cases under the Arms Act and arrested 38 people. Twelve pistols, including eight country-made, 23 cartridges, and 25 knives were recovered from those arrested.

In the northeast district, 10 cases of the Arms Act were registered and recovery of three country-made pistols, three live cartridges, and six knives was made.

The north district arrested 22 people and recovered 14 pistols, including 12 country-made, 17 cartridges and 10 knives, the data said. The number of cases registered in the north district under this Act couldn't be procured.

The northwest, north and outer districts made the arrest of 70 people under the Excise Act last month. Among them, 15 were arrested in northwest, 32 in outer, and 23 in north.

The northwest district registered 15 cases under the Excise Act, and recovered 1,586 bottles of liquor, while 26 cases were registered in the outer district and recovery of 2,583 bottles was made from there.

The north and northeast district recovered 9,114 and 878 bottles respectively, the data showed.

Outer district registered five cases of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, arrested eight people and recovered 55.210 kg ganja, 4.1 gram smack and 167 gram heroin.

Whereas, northwest district registered three such cases and arrested three persons under this Act. It recovered 4.884 kg ganja and 510 gram charas, the data said.

In the north district, six persons were arrested under the NDPS Act and 352 gram heroin and 50 gram smack recovered from their possession.

The northeast district registered one such case and recovered 6.7 gram smack.

Delhi is divided into 15 police districts in all.