As the second wave of coronavirus infections rampages India, a video has emerged of six people dying alone in a hospital ward, foiled by loneliness, in Gurugram in April. 

In the said footage, a man can be heard talking in the background, saying, "Neither the doctor, nor the chemist is here. There is no one at the reception."

Relatives can be seen scrambling from bed to bed, trying to revive loved ones.

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"How can doctors run away leaving patients for dead despite your presence?" a man is seen asking a police official, according to a BBC report.

The video was shot on the night of April 30 at an intensive care unit in Kriti hospital in Gurugram.

Although the harrowing video went viral, most media houses moved past the story soon, as a sense of disillusionment crept into the lives of the loved ones left behind.

According to BBC reports, relatives of the dead barged into the ICU after they were unable to find doctors in the hallways, only to find the ICU also deserted.

Following which they accused the doctors of abandoning the patients after the hospital ran out of oxygen.

Meanwhile, the doctors, who were hiding elsewhere in the hospital, reportedly, fled fearing violence from the families. However, the families say they never made any threats.

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Since then, an entire month has passed, however, still, no inquiry has confirmed the cause of the deaths. The Gurugram Deputy Commissioner Yash Garg was unable to say when the investigation will be completed, BBC reported. 

However, brimming with the hope for justice, family members of the deceased, reportedly, created a WhatsApp group following the tragedy. But now the messages of hope have replaced with those of frustration and despair.