This is the very 1st time I've ever read this pitiful news informant website blog you actually call info/news information/website But your news outlet is a hot, steaming pile of cow-shit. You are not to be called journalism in any sense of the word or definition. I mean since I couldn't get passed 2 paragraph's I'm now labeled a  “Racist”! I know the pathetic identity politics you Liberals pedal, but jus wasting an actual brain cell to read this Fake News product your transgender writer laid down during a hot man trafficking crisis like we have now because the Elites bought a puppet,empty vessel president, so they can continue to abuse our children and indoctrinate them. You lick the Left, Big-Tech nut sac, and sold any integrity your bitch ass had a long time ago to go gay with Google  & FaceBook. Your a piece of shit dime-a-dozen website news outlet and to call you on all your shit would take forever, so lemme just end by saying UNIVERSAL LAW will take care of you and your fake news garbage phony ass website.