The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of India released guidelines on how to practice “Proning for Self care”. Known to be beneficial for those suffering from COVID-19, the ministry defines the exercise to be a “medically accepted position to improve breathing comfort and oxygenation”.

You are going to need at least 4-5 pillows practice self-proning effectively. Two pillows below your shins, one pillow below your neck and one or two pillows below your chest through the upper thighs.

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Regularly changing your position is a must and it advised not to spend more than 30 minutes in each position. Here’s a look at the various positions:

1. Laying on your belly

30 minutes-2 hours

2. Laying on your right-side

30 minutes-2 hours

3. Sitting Up

30 minutes-2 hours

4. Lying on your left-side

30 minutes-2 hours

5. Lying on your belly

30 minutes-2 hours 

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It is advised to avoid proning for at least one hour after meals. Even though an individual can continue to self-prone for up to 16 hours in a day, it advised by the ministry to only do this if you are comfortable with it and not pushing yourself to do something that may cause discomfort.

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