Jennifer Winget is synonymous with success on the Indian small screen. From a simple girl next door to a possessive lover, her roles in TV shows like 'Bepannah’ and ‘Beyhadd’ proves her mettle as an actor. Her mere presence lights up the screen and so are her bold fashion choices.

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Jennifer has recently got her hair coloured and she is enjoying her new look.

When asked if she loves experimenting with her hair unlike other actors who usually shy away from trying out new looks, she told Opoyi,  “The experiments have mostly been with my hair, yes. As an actor, I find it quite exciting to experiment with looks for each of my characters. That’s probably why I love my job so much because it allows me to reinvent myself and what I bring to a character.”

“That’s probably spilled into my personal choices as well, especially with my hair. My mood depends on how my hair looks and vice versa. While I have experimented with browns, blonde in colour, ( I have) played with the length of my hair too and even gone bald once for a character but it is true I haven’t gone cherry red before.

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“I am loving how my hair feels, enjoying the vibrancy of the shade, and am definitely basking in the shine albeit having coloured it myself at home this time around. I remember how I felt a boost of confidence instantly after colouring. A feel-good factor – just what we needed after a lockdown. So yes I wish, not just actors and not restricting it to roles, but that everyone would be more expressive with their hair,” she added.

She says that one can decide to go bold for a variety of reasons

“… to feel empowered, confident, to experiment or simply to make a statement. For me, the decision stemmed from just wanting to break the monotony that came with the lockdown. I did it more as a mood lifter. There seemed like no better time to do so. While I have tried every safe colour before, I think the time called for something bold, so cherry red for me, was perfect to make a return after a long and languishing lockdown,” she said.

On August 11, the actor took to Instagram and dropped a new video where she was seen colouring her hair with BBLUNT Salon Secret’s at-home hair colour by herself.

Jennifer has created a huge fan base with your individuality both on and off camera with her eclectic looks. The 36-year-old says that she puts herself at the center of her fashion choices.

“ I try to not blindly follow the trend as what works for someone else may not work for me. So I go with what makes me feel good about myself and though I experiment a lot, comfort plays a key part in what I go for,” she said.

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Does the funda work while selecting projects too?

“I go for scripts and characters that excite me. I have been fortunate to have had a varied set of characters that I have portrayed over the years that have allowed for that kind of experimenting. A script or role has to challenge me and have ample range to experiment within it, be it, TV, OTT, or Mainstream. At the risk of sounding too picky, I think it’s only fair to do justice to it and to everyone’s time and investment on a project,” she said.

Also, India has been under lockdown for so many months now and celebrities too faced an unprecedented lull in their lives in these tough times. Talking about her experience during these trying times,  the ‘Code M’ actor said, “I am sure we all had our ups and downs in these last few months for nearly 2 whole years now! Suddenly life as we knew it came to a standstill for everyone, and globally that too.

"I am sure it took time for us all to process this transition. But the most important lesson I think we all have learnt is not to take our health for granted and the support of family and friends and fans is what has kept me going all through.

“I did dabble a bit in painting as a stress buster and then as a mood lifter, What do you know!!! I even went and coloured my hair at home, all by myself with BBLUNT,” she said.