Avengers actor Josh Brolin and his wife Kathryn Boyd just welcomed their second baby into the family. Kathryn gave birth to her "lil angel" on Christmas Day—several days past her due date.

Kathryn took to her Instagram handle to share pictures of the baby. Following her wife's post, the Marvel star also shared a photo of their child with Christmas lights in the background detailing the reason behind Chapel’s name.

"Everywhere we have traveled the one place Kathryn and I always found a great solace in were chapels. Not being particularly religious but a God feeling has heavily inundated our lives and chapels have always been sanctuaries where we felt connectedly free to give thanks. Chapel Grace is, to us, a manifestation of that celestial feeling that was always felt as we meandered and knelt,” he wrote.

Josh has previously been married twice before. He wed ex-wife and actress Alice Adair in 1988, who he shares two children with, son Trevor, 32, and daughter Eden, 26.

Aside from having a Christmas baby, Brolin and Jason Momoa have been preparing themselves to offer more action in “Dune.”

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