The young romance of 2021 Police University, a K-drama, has taken over as one of the most popular television series on the air. Aside from the comedy-filled criminal drama, the show's cast drew notice since one of the major parts was played by K-Pop singer and actor Krystal Jung. Oh Kang-Hee is Krystal's character, and she discusses what motivated her to take on the job.

This year's teen romance The K-drama Police University has become one of the most-watched series on television. The show's ensemble, which included K-Pop singer and actor Krystal Jung, also caught the attention of viewers. Why did Krystal choose Oh Kang-Hee as her character?

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Seon-Ho learns through his teacher that Kang-Hee is also motivated to become a police officer and enrolls at the same institution as he does. Seon-tale Ho's is intertwined with investigator Yoo Dong- Man's. Dong-Man is on the prowl for a gambling ring, and he crosses paths with Seon-Ho on his quest. When Dong-Man becomes Seon-university Ho's professor, he's determined to ruin his prospects, but he soon discovers that Seon-Ho may be an ally.

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Krystal described what inspired her to portray Kang-Hee before the K-launch. drama's Kang-Hee fulfils a longstanding dream of becoming a police officer by enrolling as a first-year student at a police academy.

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The character has a strong sense of justice, and Krystal explains, “[Oh Kang Hee] is someone who is good at everything she does. She’s confident and straightforward. Although she appears tough on the outside, she can be quite fragile when it comes to someone she likes