Sandeep Nahar, most frequently seen doing supporting roles in MS Dhoni-the untold story and Kesari has passed away. He allegedly committed suicide in his Goregaon residence in Mumbai. In his last post on Facebook, he posted a ‘suicide note’ and a video. In the video, he is seen talking about and criticizing Bollywood saying “Mayanagri Bollywood mein bahaut politics hai. They waste your time by giving you false hopes and then replace you despite signing the contracts. People are emotionless here.” 

However, most importantly, Nahar is seen blaming his wife, Kanchan Sharma for most of his troubles. “You must have seen me in several films. I played the character of Chhotu bhaiya in MS Dhoni. There is a motive behind making this video today. The purpose is that I am facing a lot of problems in my personal life. I am mentally unstable due to my wife Kanchan Sharma. I am going through trauma for the last one and a half to two years. I have tried to explain to my wife repeatedly. She has been fighting with me for the entire 365 days. She talks about committing suicide every day. She says will commit suicide and hold me culpable,” he said in the video. 

The 33-year-old actor naturally sounded extremely unhappy and was seen explaining, “I have become extremely upset. She abuses my family and my mother. I am unable to receive calls from my family before her. She connects my name to anybody. She suspects me. There is no answer to her suspicion. She fights all the time. She ran away from home earlier and I kept searching for her. Her mother supports her in this and threatens to lodge a case against me.”

Kanchan Sharma, the late actor's wife also had an ex-boyfriend in 2015-16 with whom she stayed for close to six years. 

So far the actor’s discontent may actually be attributed to his wife Kanchan Sharma. As per the late Kesari actor, she also sent an ex-boyfriend to jail in a false case. 

Sandeep went as far as saying that his wife treatment. 

“If she marries next then I am sure someone will get her brain treatment done,” he was seen saying. 

This suicide adds to the increasing list of actors and actresses who have committed suicide due to various reasons. Many have cited mental health problems but usually circle around to the nepotism existing in the industry. Before this, the world was rocked at the suicide of the beloved Sushant Singh Rajput

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