A baby girl, who was born on an evacuation flight from Afghanistan late last week, was named Reach. The name was given after the call sign of the aircraft she was born on, according to US media reports.

The girl's parents decided to name the girl after the plane, which was designated as 'Reach 828', according to reports from the Associated Press citing statements from the head of United States European Command, who spoke to the evacuated parents.

The girl was aboard the evacuation aircraft on Saturday and the medical attention during the birth was provided by the 86th Medical Group. This happened as the plane inbound Germany to the Ramstein Air Base from Afghanistan's national capital Kabul.

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European Command says the mother went into labor during the flight and began experiencing complications due to low blood pressure. The pilot descended in altitude to increase air pressure in the aircraft, which helped stabilize the mother. Military medical personnel delivered the baby in the plane’s cargo bay, according to reports from Associated Press.

"During a flight from an Intermediate Staging Base in the Middle East, the mother went into labor and began having complications. The aircraft commander decided to descend in altitude to increase air pressure in the aircraft, which helped stabilize and save the mother’s life," the US Air Mobility Command said in a Twitter post.

General Tod Wolters of the United States said both the baby and her family are in good condition.

Over the last few days, at least two babies have been born in the United States-controlled Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany after the family was evacuated to safety from war-torn Afghanistan.

The first lot of evacuees inbound to the United States from Afghanistan arrived in the state of New Jersey on Wednesday at the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst overnight, according to media reports citing statements from a military spokesperson.