Warning against the possible "spillover of terrorism", lawmakers from G-7 countries have called for involving India in the bloc's attempts to develop a united front for global security and regional stability following the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan. US Senator Bob Menendez and his counterparts from Italy, France, Germany, Japan, the UK and the European Parliament said the Afghanistan withdrawal should not be misinterpreted "as any weakening of resolve from G7 governments in taking all necessary measures to combat cross-border terrorism, to support regional cooperation or advance democratic values.”

Menendez is also the Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

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In a joint statement, the lawmakers also urged inviting the African Union to attend individual G-7 meetings "when appropriate" to counter the activities of terror groups in the Horn of Africa. The export of terror in any part of the world should be met with swift and decisive action, the statement said.

The lawmakers also warned against the unilateral recognition of the Taliban regime by countries, saying a resolution of the United Nations Security Council would be ideal for a coordinated process to make the Taliban keep their commitments.

“The key criteria for recognition should include, but not be limited to: repudiation of all cross-border terrorism, including Al Qaeda and associated groups; equality of rights for girls and women; protection of minority ethnic and religious groups; commitment to democratic elections; and ending all narcotics-related activity,” the statement said.

The G-7 countries should be prepared to isolate the Taliban and impose robust sanctions should it violate any of these commitments, the lawmakers said, adding Taliban's past or present behaviour showed no signs of the Taliban being committed to any of these principles.

The lawmakers also urged G-7 governments to avoid setting arbitrary dates for ending military support to the Afghanistan evacuation process.