Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin went on a peculiar rant on social media after a Twitter user expressed his doubt over his wife, Hilaria Baldwin’s origin. He claimed she was faking her Spanish heritage.

As social media began criticising her, Alec posted a video on Instagram, where he is seen sharing his views on different social media platforms.

The actor is using Facebook, Twitter as well as Instagram to keep up with the pace of the world. However, he had some radical opinions regarding these platforms.

He shared that it was a shame that Instagram was owned by Facebook, expressing his affinity to Instagram.

 “Facebook is a corporation you should avoid if you could,” he said, 

He said used Twitter as an aggregator for news, and often posted tweets sharing information of COVID-19, importance of masks, his views of US President Donald Trump and different public policies.

At the same time, he said he had to pick through the ‘garbage’ on Twitter. 

“Twitter is a vast orchard of crap,” he said. He further added that he would have ‘dumped’ Twitter had it not been used for promotions.

He had spent most of his life listening to people saying things that are true, and some that are not true. They write things about his friends, colleagues, and people that he loves. 

To all the people, he gave a sound message: Consider the source. 

He also said that we are currently living in a world where everyone is hidden behind the anonymity of social media, which enables them to say anything. He pressed on the issue that people must verify their sources.

“They want to spray it all over you, their venom and hate,” he said. 

He also referred to digital newspapers like TMZ and the New York Post as ‘sewage treatment plants’.  

Concluding the video, he said that he was happy to be with his family and would go on to ‘join his pack’.

“When you love somebody, you want to defend them,” Baldwin added.

The issue over Ms Baldwin’s origin rose earlier this was month on Twitter. It was supposedly revealed that she was from Boston.

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