Amazon Quiz (October 5, 2021): Dahi Handi is a festival associated with which occasion that fell on 30th August this year?

A. Janmashtami

B. Ganesh Chaturthi

C. Dussehra

D. Holi

Answer: Janmashtami

Dahi Handi, also known as Gopal Kala and Utlotsavam, is an entertainment and competitive event associated with the Hindu festival of Krishna Janmashtami, which is celebrated to mark the birth of Lord Krishna. 

The festival is celebrated in August or September each year depending on the HIndu calendar, and a day after Krishna Janmashtami. The event comprises hanging an earthern pot filled with yoghurt (dahi), or butter or any other milk-based food high above the ground. 

Participants in the event, which usually are young boys and men, make teams and form a human pyramid and attempt to break the pot, which is usually done by a very young boy who is called 'Gopal'. 

During the event, people surround the group and play music, sing and cheer them on. It is a public spectacle, and an old tradition. More recently, Dahi Handi has been lavished with media coverage, prize money and commercial sponsorships. 

The event is based on the legend of the god Krishna along with his friends mischievously stealing butter and other curd from neighbouring homes in Gokul as a child.

He is also called Makhan chor or butter thief. The neighbours would try to avert his mischief by hanging the pots high out of his reach, but Krishna would find creative ways to reach them.

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