Amazon Quiz: In 2021, Unilever removed which word from all their beauty and personal care brands' packaging and advertising?


1. Dark

2. Light

3. Fair

4. Normal

Answer: Normal

Unilever dropped the word "normal" from its beauty products and ban excessive editing of models' photos in a push for inclusivity in March this year.

Dove's owner said the editing ban would apply to "body shape, size, proportion and skin colour" and "normal" would be removed from 200 products.

Its boss said it wanted to create a "more inclusive definition of beauty".

The firm has previously faced allegations that it promoted stereotypes around dark skin tones.

The modifications will be implemented over the next year by the London-based company, which also owns the Simple and Sure cosmetic brands. Photos of models and social media influencers will be exempt from the editing restriction.

Shampoos, conditioners, and cosmetic products commonly use the term "normal," as in "normal or oily skin."

Unilever will use alternative descriptions for clients searching for certain attributes in their cosmetic products instead of the phrase "normal." Shampoo for "normal to dry" hair, for example, will be renamed "dry and damaged" hair in the near future.

Unilever announced a slew of additional initiatives on Tuesday in an effort to promote "a new age of beauty that is inclusive, egalitarian, and sustainable."

It pledged to increase the amount of commercials featuring individuals from under-represented groups and to utilise more natural and biodegradable components across their product line.

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