Amazon Quiz (September 14, 2021): Scooters India Ltd, that recently shut down, bought the manufacturing rights of which Italian brand of scooter to India in the 70's?




MV Augusta

Answer: Lambretta

The Indian government approved closure of loss-making state-owned Scooters India Limited in January 2021. The Scooters India brand name was decided to be sold separately. Famous brand names such as Lambretta, Vijay Super, Vikram and Lambro will be sold separately. 

The process of winding up Scooters India Limited also involved delisting its shares from the stock exchange. 

The Lambretta was originally a series of Italian scooters. The scooter gets its name from the word Lambrate, a suburb in Milan named after the river which flows through the area, and where the factory was located. 

The Indian government bought the rights of the Milanese factory in 1972 and created Scooters India Limited in order to produce the Lambro three-wheeler in the domestic market under the name Vikram. 

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