Amazon Quiz (September 14, 2021): What is planned to be given out through ATMs in various Indian states under Centre’s pilot project “Annapurti” scheme?





Answer: Rice

Under the Annapurti scheme, the government has set up automated teller machines (ATMs) in various districts across the country. These ATM machines will dispense rice. The initiative aims to ease the process of dispensing grains to the right beneficiary and cut down on hassle at ration outlets.

In the Annapurti ATMs, a biometric system is installed with a touch screen that allows customers to enter their Aadhaar number to receive the allocated amount of grains. The instrument reduces errors in measurements by automating the process.

At least initially, these rice ATMs will come up in four states: Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Uttarakhand. The Annapurti ATMs are part of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) which is collaborating with the Indian government with the stated aim of alleviating food scarcity.

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