Amazon Quiz (September 14, 2021): Which country discovered water in the atmosphere of this natural satellite through the device CHACE?

1) India

2) USA

3) Russia

4) China

Answer: India

The Indian Space Research Organisation discovered that water is present in and around Earth's natural satellite, the moon. 

Chandrayaan-1 data showed evidence for water in the exosphere of the Moon, on the surface of Moon and also sub-surface, nearly 10 meters below the outer crust. 

CHACE on Moon Impact Probe showed evidence for water even within its limited operational time, as the Moon Impact Probe was deployed on its destructive, ballistic trajectory to the south polar region.

Water is expected from the primordial origin (~3-4 billion years ago) which remained preserved due to the unique geometry of solar illumination which prevents direct sunlight from entering craters in polar regions, according to ISRO's official website.

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