Amazon Quiz (August 31, 2021): Which country provided assistance in building the international cooperation and convention centre, known as 'Rudraksh', in Varanasi? 

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The answer is: Japan

'Rudraksha' is a JICA-assisted Varanasi International Cooperation and Convention Centre (VCC). It will be equipped with a convention centre, the main hall with a full flying tower. It will also have a seating capacity of 1,200, a gallery, meeting rooms, and parking for 120 cars.

According to the official website, the main hall may be divided into smaller spaces for when a requirement arises. Varanasi International Cooperation and Convention Centre will also be an environment-friendly building, fit for Level 3 of Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA).

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The Varanasi International Cooperation and Convention Centre have security and safety systems. It will have a regular entrance, a service entrance and a separate VIP entrance. All of the amenities make it an ideal destination for kinds of international conventions.

The objective:

The project will provide opportunities for social and cultural interactions between people which is aimed at strengthening the city's competitiveness by developing its tourism sector.

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JICA assisted the construction of the convention centre by giving a Grant in Aid of 3,042 million Japanese yen (approximately INR 200 crore) under the Japanese ODA scheme.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stones and inaugurated the centre in July this year.

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“While inaugurating the Rudraksh on Thursday, the PM spoke about the work done for the promotion of handicrafts and Banarasi art. We are hopeful that the Rudraksh centre will be helpful in promoting the Geographical Indication (GI) certified products of this region globally,” quoted GI expert Rajani Kant of Human Welfare Society as saying.

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During the inauguration, PM said hard work has been put in place in the last 6-7 years to solidify Banarasi handicrafts and art. "The Banarasi silk and craft are getting a new identity and commercial activities are also expanding. Rudraksh will be helpful in the further expansion of these activities. This infrastructure can be used for business activities in many ways," PM Modi said.