Sister Mary Joseph, who gave up everything and silently took a vow as a nun, died at an age of 92 on June 6, 2021. She was known as Ann Russell Joseph, who belong to the wealthy class of San Francisco.

Born in 1928, Ann Russel Joseph always dreamed of becoming a nun but everything changed when she fell in love with Richard Miller and got married at an age of 20. She lived a lavish life by hosting parties, events and attending operas.

She, along with her 10 children, lived in a nine-bedroom mansion in San Francisco. In one of a tweet her younger son, Mark Miller said, “By the age of 27 she had five kids and went on to have five more, a basketball team of each sex. Planned Parenthood she called it.”

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Everyone was fond of Ann Russel Joseph, who had millions of friends. She enjoyed every bit of her life, she played cards, smoked, and drank.

Mark Miller further mentioned, “ She became an open water driver. She drove so fast that people got out of the car with a sore foot from slamming on the imaginary brakes. She gave up smoking, alcohol, and caffeine, everything on the same day and somehow managed not to commit homicide as a result.”

In 1984, her world went upside down, when her husband Richard Miller died of cancer. That was the moment when she decided to take a stricter part of becoming a nun. Five years after her husband’s death Ann Russel Joseph joined the sister of the Lady of Mount Carmel in Des Plaines Illinois.

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The life of a Carmelite nun was full of devotion and silence and dedication. They detached themselves from worldly pleasure and dedicate their lives entirely to prayers.

Sister Mary Joseph died at the monastery, where she spent the three decades of her life.

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