Apple fans are hyped up ahead of the big September 14 event during which the California based tech giant is expected to announce new products including iPhone 13, next generation of AirPods, Apple Watch Series 7, iOS 15 and more.

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While many are optimistic about the company’s launch event, which can be streamed live on their website, others are slightly cautious of raising their expectations too high.

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Tech Reporter Aaron Pressman has been longing for Apple to add a “Snoopy face” to the Apple Watch.

“It’s that day every year when I get my hopes up that someone at @Apple will finally grant the wish of all us Gen Xers who had a Snoopy watch as kids with a Snoopy #AppleWatch face (and they even have a Snoopy show on Apple TV+). Come on #AppleEvent,” the reporter Tweeted.

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Another social media user would love a bit of zen in the lead up to the main event so they can take it all in when the unveiling of new Apple products begins:

“Please at 5pm everyone should shhhhhh… #AppleEvent will be live in a few hours. Man I’m excited”

There’s absolutely no calming down Apple loyalists:“Not gonna lie, I'm super excited for the Apple event. I'm not going to upgrade my iPhone, but I've watched every apple event since 2015, so I have to keep up the tradition!”

UX Manager Mike is all set for the action to begin:

“New iPhones today! Excited to see the next iteration of the Apple Watch too. Not much to be excited for these days. This has me giddy.”

In the lead up to the big Apple event, in collaboration with Twitter has turned the micro-blogging sites' Like icon into an Apple logo when you click it. The logo will appear briefly when a user likes a post.