Winter is coming, we know what’s coming with it- the unwanted yet inevitable belly-fat. Winters often boost the lazy quotient, making you the equivalent of a panda, spending most of your day lolling around or curled up in your blankets.

 If you are too lazy to engage in a mindful yoga or workout session, yet too upset seeing your belly-fat hide your feet from your line-of-sight, do not fret. There is a solution to this dilemma. Just make some minor additions of fibre-rich foods to your diet and continue sprawling in our bed guilt-free.

Since fibre takes time to breakdown, you don’t feel hungry frequently, thus preventing mindless snacking and unnecessary calorie intake.

Here are 7 fibre-rich foods that help you get rid of the winter weight:

1.    Radish

'Mooli ke paranthe' is not the only delicacy this fibrous vegetable can be used for. Rich in Vitamin A, C and K, antioxidants, and flavanoids, radish is an all-rounder vegetable. It has a high fibre content of 1.6 gm per 100 gm, which provides ample roughage that aids digestion. It is best consumed raw.

2.    Sweet Potato

A plate of sweet potato ‘chaat’ in winters satiates your taste buds as well as your hunger pangs. They are highly nutritious – packed with Vitamin A, C, B6, copper, manganese and fibre content of 3.3g per 100g. This increases your metabolism, and also maintains blood sugar levels.

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3.    Guava

Fulfilling 12% of your daily fibre intake, guavas are full of fibre as well as low on calories, making it a weight-loss-friendly fruit. Rich in Vitamin C, they help boost immunity. They prevent constipation and facilitate digestion.

4.    Papaya

Papaya may not be the king of fruits, but it is one of the healthiest fruits. It is rich in Vitamin A and C, the two critical nutrients required during winters. It is also a good source of dietary fibre, which further facilitates weight loss. You may make shakes or smoothies from papaya, but it is best consumed raw.

5.     Methi

Methi may give a bitter-pungent taste, but contains 25 gm of fibre per 100 gm. This is extremely helpful for weight loss and can be used in a plethora of dishes in winter like methi paratha and methi ka cheela.

6.    Beetroot

Beetroot improves your stamina. It is low in calories and has minimal fat, which makes it a healthy choice for your morning smoothie. It has a fibre content of 2.6 gm per 100 gm and a good amount of potassium which helps managing hypertension.

7.    Carrot

Carrots are one superfood, loaded with fibre and low in calories, making it the perfect fit for weight-loss. Have one glass of carrot juice in the morning and you won’t hear your stomach growling until lunch time. Carrot juice assists bile secretion, which helps to burn fat and thus, facilitates weight loss.

So, make fruit-bowls and salads your best friends this winter.