Singer Lekka, who is set to release her new album ‘Kaabil-E-Taarif’ in Hindi and Punjabi on March 22, says that she felt proud of the fact that the world was relying a lot more on singers and artists to bring joy to their lives during the time of the pandemic.

“Everything went digital and it was such a depressing time that everyone was looking for some source of happiness so a lot of that fell into the shoulders of artists like me and other singers. Everyone really missed the human contact and in fact we were away from our friends, family and loved ones so it was such a tough time,” she told Opoyi on phone.

“During this time, we also realized that at the end of the day what really matters is the people around you, who you love and it really changed my perspective too,” she added.

Born and raised in New Delhi, India, Lekka discovered her love for music at a very early age.

She started singing at the age of four and by the time she was seven, she had already hit the stage singing at local competitions.

She was recently India’s top finalist on South Asia’s biggest English Singing Reality show, “The Stage, Season 3.”

Photo credit: Lekka 

  Lekka’s recent feats include performances and stunts at numerous national events and festivals. Her exotic stage presence abs powerful vocals have made a mark in the music scene, citing her as one of the most versatile in-demand performers.  

She has been featured in Vh1’s “World Music Week’ campaign for her contribution to Indian pop music. She unveiled the new ‘Nine’ sanitary pad at the ‘Run for Nine’ marathon in 2019.

She was one of the few artists to be featured by Vh1 for “World Music Week’ in June 2018 and now with her new single, she is ready to spread the love again.

“The making of the song was actually quite exciting because we have been working on it for a year. Technically the song should have come last year because we started working on it at the beginning of his year then lockdown happened and the world was at a standstill so we were communicating through the phone and finally when the lockdown ended, we recorded and video happened and now finally we are releasing the journey,” she said.  

Talking about the inspiration behind the song, she took her example and said that she is a “hopeless romantic at heart” and this song reflects her emotions so well.

"The whole inspiration behind the song is that when you love someone, you love everything about them. It’s a story of two lovers and how they find everything about each other so perfect and so worthy. It’s a really sweet and humble love story because at the end of the day everything is about love,” she said.