Singer Justin Bieber and K-pop superstars BTS are set to collaborate on a new song and the collaboration is said to be the result of a merger between the artists’ respective record companies, reports Page six magazine.

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With this association, two luminaries of teen pop are going to officially share the same platform together for the first time. In the past, The “Dynamite” singers expressed their love for Beliebers, having named Bieber as a musical influence.

Also, BTS member Jungkook has made it loud and clear on multiple occasions that Bieber is his main musical influence.

During an interview with Ozy in 2017, members of the South Korean septet shared which Western musical artists they looked up to for inspiration. RM noted Drake, V mentioned John Legend and Jungkook name-dropped Bieber, reports

Not only this, but Jungkook also lent his voice to one of Bieber's tunes.

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In 2017, he posted a gentle instrumental cover of "2U" by Guetta and Bieber on BTS' SoundCloud account.

Jungkook also danced to "Sorry” in the past.

Bieber showed all this love back when he wished Jungkook a happy birthday when he turned 22.