Rappers Fat Joe and Ja Rule on Tuesday night blew the audience at Madison Square Garden in the latest edition of 'VERZUZ'. The rappers went head on and there was a lot of smack talking.

The two traded barbs in between songs, despite the friends and collaborators having no real beef between them. Joe teased Ja and asked “Where you been the last ten years?” while Ja postured as if his short run in the spotlight still eclipsed Joe’s multi-decade track record of hit-making.

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Joe was joined by Remy Ma, Dre, and Nelly, who inexplicably played 'Hot in Here'. He bragged about the artists and how rich they were. Meanwhile, Ja seemed to take issue with Joe’s tangential connections to songs like “Still Not a Player” (Ja: “That’s not your record!” Joe: “I was the executive producer” Ja: “That don’t count!”) he seemed to have no issues with the white latino MC’s frequent use of the n-word.

The crowd at the Garden went crazy with appearances from Diddy, Khaled, and many many more.

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Ja performed his massive J Lo collab 'I’m Real' without her, and Joe did the strip club anthem 'Make it Rain' without Lil Wayne. Remy Ma, Lil Mo, Vita, and Ashanti kept the show from sinking under the weight of its two massive male egos.

Despite the massive amounts of smack talk, the mood at the show’s end was congenial. The two also praised each other and Joe said that he picked Ja to battle as everyone else was afraid to go against Ja and all his hit songs.

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Last month, two quintessential New York crews, the LOX and Dipset, went head-to-head at MSG. In June, Eve and Trina had a more congenial remote session, with Trina in Miami and Eve in London.