Authorities in Texas, United States were trying to determine if the two incidents that happened on Sunday in two separate Dallas suburbs were somehow connected. One of the incidents resulted in the wounding of a man who opened fire inside a police station whereas another incident involved the death of a Lyft driver.

Plano Police said in a statement that a man, who the officials say has been behaving erratically, entered the lobby of the department's headquarters at midday on Sunday.

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The man again entered the lobby after a while but this time, he displayed a handgun, raised it and fired in the direction of a civilian employee who was helping a resident. The employee and the visitor had to run and take shelter in a nearby room, the Associated Press reported.

Two police officers rushed towards the scene and shot the man, who was later taken to a hospital after being wounded. His condition was not immediately known. The man's name was not immediately released by authorities.

No other individuals were injured during the incident, police said, according to AP.

"What could have been a horrific tragedy was avoided, thanks to the swift and effective action of our Plano police officers," Plano Mayor John Muns said in a statement quoted by AP.

Police in the nearby suburb of Garland said the stolen vehicle of a Lyft driver who had been fatally shot earlier on Sunday was found outside the police station.

Police said the woman was killed before noon in Garland, which is about 10 miles (16 km) southeast of Plano. The woman had been hired to give someone a ride when she was shot, according to investigators.

"This is an active investigation. Garland and Plano Police personnel are working together to determine what led to the shootings," Garland Police Officer Matt Pesta said in a statement.