MUMBAI, India, Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- At the Nutribolism 2020-21, held in Mumbai Laparo Obeso Centre organised Nutribolism 2020-21, an International conference on nutrition, metabolism and more. This happened to be one of the first conferences to be held in person after the COVID pandemic. It was conducted offline on the 11th and 12th September at the Renaissance Hotel in Powai, Mumbai. The conference was supported by The Indian Dietetic Association and Indian Obesity Society{AIAARO).

Nutribolism was a one of its kind conference and the first to touch upon Metabolism and Nutrition along with management of obesity and diabetes through newer medications and dietary therapies and management of Diseases related to obesity and diabetes. This theme was chosen looking at the fact that Obesity and Diabetes are silent killers and one of the leading causes of death among COVID-19 patients. 250 obesity and nutrition experts and professionals across India participated in the event.

Hon Minister of Public Health, Maharashtra State Rajesh Tope and Environmental Forum of India's founder Mrs.Sunetra Ajit Pawar graced the event as the chief guest. Obesity and Diabetes both are non-communicable and preventable diseases and India is among the top countries to be affected by both. With this in mind the Patrons of the conference Dr Shashank Shah and Dr Poonam Shah along with the Organizing Secretary Ms Radhika Shah, HOD, Dept of Dietetics at Laparo Obeso Centre, proposed to the Public Health Minister, Mr Rajesh Tope with a unique and novel initiative to attempt and control this pandemic of diabesity. The proposal included several simple tips for better health to be posted on the Government's social media platform, one tip per week. These would include tips on awareness about healthy and unhealthy diet and lifestyle and in simple language which would have penetration and impact all throughout the state of Maharashtra, including all classes of people. This happens to be the most economical and effective way of improving health. The proposal for the same was forthwith welcomed , appreciated and accepted by the Hon minister of Health, Mr Rajesh Tope. This initiative was backed by the Indian Dietetic Association (IDA) and various obesity organizations as well.

According to Hon Minister of Public Health Rajesh Tope, "the number of deaths due to COVID-19 was the highest among patients with diabetes and obesity. Currently, 3 to 4 out of every 10 patients are diabetic and obese, and these health issues are on the rise. It is the need of the hour to create awareness about obesity and diabetes. Everyone has become serious about health owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, this conference has been organized at the right time. The initiative launched by the Laparo Obeso Centre has the full support of the state government. This digital platform will definitely be beneficial in creating awareness among people about obesity and diabetes." Shri Tope further said, "Obesity invites various diseases, so it is very important to lose weight. However, the cost of the dietician is not affordable to all. So, information on obesity and diabetes can be made available on the government's online website. I am going to make sure that all the employees work together for this cause. Exercise is an integral part of our lives. Regardless of this, exercise regularly to avoid any illness." The conference was held at Hotel Renaissance, Mumbai and was among the first in-person conference's to be held after the pandemic. All safety precautions and protocols to ensure utmost care were taken care of at the conference including masks, sanitization, social distancing as well as verification of vaccination certificates of the attendees.. The conference was attended by over250 delegates including dieticians, doctors and physiotherapists from all over the country and over 50 faculties from different areas of expertise were present to share their knowledge in the 2-day event.

With the Founder of Environmental Forum of India, Mrs Sunetra Pawar also present at the conference, the Organising secretary, Ms Radhika Shah gracefully declared her initiative to gift a sapling to each patient discharged from Laparo Obeso Centre and decided to set an example. She appealed to the healthcare workers to gift a sapling to every discharged patient. Ms Radhika Shah said that 'Just like we need a healthy diet for better health and immunity, it is important to preserve and improve the environment as well This environmental initiative would keep the environment healthier and clean and in turn safeguard our health and wellbeing. . In addition, we will appeal to many hospitals to give a sapling to discharged patients. We are trying to convey the message that if the environment is clean, health will also be good'.

Laparoscopic bariatric surgeon and Patron of the conference Dr. Shashank Shah with Ms Radhika Shah, Organising Secretary volunteered to lead the social awareness initiative and would take assistance from and participation of various health organisations. Dr Shah further said that we would be proud be a part of this initiative encouraged by the Hon Health Minister to have Maharashtra to be the first state to implement such an initiative on awareness about prevention and therapies of obesity and diabetes.

Dr Shah said that obesity and diabetes are growing almost as a pandemic. However, COVID made us and the patients realise the health impact of these. Obesity , mostly associated with diabetes, high BP, high cholesterol, breathing difficulty, heart disease added to the morbidity and mortality of COVID and would have the same effect after any infection or diseases. Obesity is known to delay as well as complicate the recovery from any disease. This the best time to act and start an initiative for prevention and save our generation as well as the next. The conference has been a success since it has given the best knowledge about the most important diseases and has initiated a fight to defeat obesity and diabetes with the help of Govt, social media and various healthcare organisations together. PWR PWR