In his first major visit after taking over office on January 20, US President Joe Biden visited a national military medical facility called Walter Reed, which gives treatment to veterans, members of the armed forces and their families, to meet with members of the US armed forces who were wounded in service, reported Associated Press. 

While taking a tour of the medical facility, the US President visited retired and active-duty officers who were being medically treated.

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"These kids are amazing, and thank God there are not as many people to visit," he said, calling those at the hospital "real heroes", reported Associated Press. 

President Biden has an unfortunate history with the Walter Reed medical facility as his son, Beau Biden, succumbed to brain cancer in 2015 in the same specialised facility. On Friday, Biden said that "the hospital took care of Beau in his final days with great grace and dignity". 

Beau Biden served in the Army National Guard of Delaware as a major and had a promising career in the country's armed forces. 

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Meanwhile, Jill Biden, the first lady of the United States organised a meet and greet with students of a military high school and told them they serve the country too. A peer support initiative was undertaken by the students who aim to support other students in integrating into a new school. 

She said at the event at the White House, "I don’t want you to feel like we don’t see you. We see you and we appreciate every single day all that you’re doing and, you know, especially during this pandemic, when acts of kindness are especially so important to other people, other students", reported Associated Press.