Singer Rahul Vaidya started off slow but soon emerged as one of the strongest contestants in 'Bigg Boss 14' and his loyal fan base has helped him throughout. From stirring a nepotism debate to proposing to his girlfriend Disha Parmar on national television, Rahul managed to keep the audience hooked. With the finale just one day away, here's a look at the singer's journey in the reality show - 

Rahul's nepotism comment creates a stir

Rahul faced backlash after he addressed his housemate Jaan Kumar Sanu, the son of singer Jaan Sanu, as a product of nepotism during a task in the initial weeks of the season. This irked host Salman Khan who schooled him for the same. 

Rahul's voluntary exit from the house  

Two months into the season, Rahul walked out of the house stating that he was feeling "homesick."

"I haven't spent a day without my family in my entire life and I am mentally strong but not without family. I do not agree that I did not perform because of lack of interest. I mean this straight from the heart, I want to leave because I do not want some deserving candidate to leave," he said, before apologising to his fans and host Salman Khan. Rahul re-entered the show a few days later along with Nikki Tamboli and Aly Goni. 

Rahul's bond with finalist Aly Goni 

Despite being two of the strongest contenders to win the show, Rahul and Aly shared a pure bond, which was definitely one of the highlights of this season. Not only did they entertain the housemate and the audience with their fun antics, but were also each other's support system in the house. 

Rahul's marriage proposal 

Rahul proposed to girlfriend Disha Parmar on national television on the latter's birthday and was since impatient to know if she had accepted the proposal or not. His wait came to an end on Valentine's Day when Disha finally entered the home and accepted the marriage proposal.