Episode three of Bigg Boss season 14 began on a much-needed lighter note, with contestants having a gala time in the kitchen. However, it wasn't particularly easy for Eijaz Khan. He seemed unhappy with the dishes and kept ranting about the two-time duty.

“Everybody will clean their own plates and cups,” the actor said.

While duties and chores were all the contestants were worried about, Big Boss came up with the first eviction notice. All the contestants were nominated for eviction and immunity would be granted only upon a victory in the first task.

Pavitra Punia read the sermon that said in order to gain immunity, the first-timers would have to ace the jewel thief task. It needed the contestants to steal jewellery from the outdoor area.

Hina Khan laid down the rules, Siddharth Shukla and Gauhar Khan strategised with their respective teams.

Shukla, who has been getting majority of the attention engaged in a banter with Gauhar when the latter protested against her fellow contestants' behaviour.

The task ended with Bigg Boss asking the contestants to count their jewellery pieces. Abhinav Shukla was declared the Jewel thief.

Meanwhile, Eijaz Khan hurt himself while washing the dishes.