Actress Tina Datta was upset with how her friend contestant Zeeshan Khan was treated by the host Karan Johar on the latest Bigg Boss OTT ‘Sunday Ka Vaar’ episode. She was disappointed that he was not even given the chance to explain his side of the story.

Tina felt that Zeeshan was not wrong during his fight with Akshara. She wrote on her Instagram story, “Right and Wrong shouldn't change because of who you are or how much work you have done or how many followers you have or whether you are a male or a female.”

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She added, “ Right and wrong are like black and white, the colors are definite, then why go into the grey areas?  Zeeshan was not wrong and not being given a chance on the weekend episode to even give his side is WRONG!”

She further went on to say that today’s audience is smart enough to see what’s happening. “For a girl to get physical, to call names, and yet get away and for the boy to bear the brunt is not Fair!” she wrote.

She also said, “And then he's not even given a chance to speak!!!  You can not think that the audience can not see through, our audience today is smart enough to see what is happening....”

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Host Karan Johar received backlash for not letting contestants put across their side of the story. He was also criticised for being biased towards Neha Bhasin and Shamita Shetty.

The viewers of Bigg Boss OTT called out Karan for listening to Neha and Shamita patiently. But when other contestants spoke he kept interrupting them and didn’t let them finish what they had to say.