During a discussion about former Bigg Boss contestants, Nishant Bhat commented that Bigg Boss 7 winner Gauahar Khan used to ‘whine a lot’ that led to her winning the seventh season’s title. Gauahar Khan on Twitter dismissed his comment, called it a ‘loser attitude’.

A video clip with Bigg Boss OTT contestants Nishant, Muskaan Jattana, Akshara Singh, Pratik Sehajpal discussing former Bigg Boss winners Gauahar Khan and Rubina Dilak was circulated on Twitter.

Akshara Singh asks why did Gauahar Khan win the seventh season. Nishant dismisses it, saying Gauahar would whine a lot.

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Angry fans of Gauahar shared the video on social media. After seeing the video clip Gauahar asked her fans to calm down. She told her fans to let Nishant speak as it’s a case of sour grapes.

She tweeted, “Shaaaanti … bol ne do, angoor khatte hain. Hahaha spread love.”

In another tweet, Gauahar said that if only screaming could make one win Bigg Boss, then Nishant would have won the trophy in the first week itself. 

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“Agar sirf chillane se log bb jeet jaate toh nishant ke haath mein pehle hafte mein trophy hoti ! Hahahahahahah. Guys take light, forgive him! A loser attitude won’t know what it takes to be a winner. First as a human being n then of the biggest show of the country!” she wrote.

Gauahar Khan won the seventh season of the show. She visited the Bigg Boss 14 house as a ‘senior’. Recently she also showed support for Bigg Boss OTT contestant Pratik. On Twitter, she told that housemates were trying to make Pratik look like a villain even when he isn't the villain.