Karan Nath was evicted from the Bigg Boss OTT  house on the latest Sunday’s episode. He said that he does not agree with host Karan Johar's comments about his behaviour on the show. If given a chance Karan Nath said that he would like to meet Salman Khan as the Bigg Boss.

Filmmaker Karan Johar was roped in as the host for the digital version of Bigg Boss. Karan Johar will host the ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ for the first six weeks on the digital platform Voot. The show will then return to television as ‘Bigg Boss 15’ with Salman Khan as the host.

After the latest ‘Sunday Ka Vaar’ episode viewers of the show felt that the host Karan Johar was being biased towards Shamita Shetty. He was criticised by the viewers and former contestants for favouring Shamita.

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Karan Nath observed that host Karan Johar only highlighted the negative actions of the contestants and failed to accentuate the positive deeds done by them.

According to Hindustan Times, Karan Nath said, “He's a respected filmmaker outside, but in the house, he didn't pay much attention to me, for some reason. He said some things to me that I didn't appreciate at all. I disagreed with him. Maybe they couldn't find anything to say about me.”

He further explained, “In Bigg Boss, they call you out if you misbehave. And I hadn't done anything of the sort. I was standing up for what was right. I was a little sad about this, that he didn't talk to me much.”

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He added, "I would like if positive things are also highlighted on the weekend episodes and not just the negativity. I'm upset about what he said to me, I disagree with it.”

Karan Nath also shared that if given a chance to return to the show he would like to meet the Bigg Boss host Salman Khan.

"If I get the chance, I'd definitely want to meet Salman Khan. I think he also highlights the positives in addition to the negatives. He talks about people who are doing good also, and I think a very good host is one who also talks about the right things, along with the negatives," he said.