Karan Nath was evicted from the Bigg Boss OTT house on the latest Sunday’s episode. After his exit from the show, Karan Nath spoke about contestants faking mental health issues. 

In a conversation with Koimoi, Karan said, “Someone who is affected mentally, why would that person keep saying to others ‘I’m suffering from mental health and this and that.’ Mentally ill people are completely in their own zone in their own world.”

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He further explained, “They don’t keep rattling about it, they don’t keep talking about it that they suffer from mental health. So I think it’s kinda like a card they use, just trying to put it like a victim card or what card I don’t know. But they kind of just fake it.”

When asked about Zeeshan Khan’s recent anxiety attack Karan shared, “Because I’m not watching the show, I don’t know actually what’s happening. I haven’t seen it so I can’t comment.”

He added, “But anxiety attack is something that I have been through in life. I’ve been through that phase where I was visiting my doctor and it is something that is not very good.”

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When asked if he suffered from anxiety attacks Karan said that his heart would beat very fast. “In my case, my heart used to beat like crazy; it used to beat very fast. I used to feel like my heart would just pop out,” he said.

He also added, “It usually happens when you’re overthinking and when you’re just lying down and relaxing I did face that but not anymore, I think today I’m happy, in a happy zone. We all go through ups and downs in life so it’s fine. But I don’t know about Zeeshan, I don’t know what happened to him as I haven’t seen the episode – so can’t comment.”