Karan Nath and his connection Ridhima Pandit had to leave the Bigg Boss OTT house on the recent ‘Sunday Ka Vaar’ episode. Karan and Ridhima were eliminated from the show as they had the least number of votes as a connection. Karan felt that their eviction ‘was a bit unfair’.

As per the News18 report, Karan said that his connection with Ridhima was pure. “I really feel that Ridhima and I had a very pure connection inside the house and we were the only couple, I can easily say, who were honest about their opinion and were not into gangs,” he said.

He also added, “We just wanted to side with people who are right and correct the people who were wrong. So, that way I felt that our eviction was a bit unfair.”

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Karan felt that his and Ridhima’s connection was pure and cherished. “My connection with Ridhima in the house was pretty good, and I could connect to her because she is someone who doesn’t like to play games with people’s minds," he said.

He added, "She was very similar to me in that way, and we connected easily because we both think from our hearts."

He further explained, “We don’t want to play games with people’s minds, which is required for the house because people like to see that drama. So, our friendship was pure.”

Before entering the Bigg Boss OTT house Karan had told News18 that he would not fight with other housemates unnecessarily and he would get aggressive only if something was wrong. 

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On being asked if he could stay true to his words, Karan said, “I stood up for most of my housemates including Shamita, Neha, Divya, Ridhima. Even in my life, I am someone who doesn’t like to manipulate and target people.”

“If someone targets me or my partner, I will react. But over there no one was targeting me. They were very nice on my face. So yeah, I did stand up for a lot of people,” he added.