A viral video is doing the rounds in which a man named Viraj Ghelani expresses his feelings as an April born, who couldn't celebrate his birthday last year due to lockdown and same happened this year after cases across India increased to new highs in the past few weeks. 

In the video, he says, “Didn't I say? That please wear mask, you guys roamed for 11 months and caused a lockdown again in the 12th month (April), Couldn't you wear a small piece of cloth, now April-born like me can't celebrate their birthday. Have some shame."

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Here's the viral video that every April born might relate to:

In the video, Ghelani says that he doesn't even remember “how a cake looks like?” The funny video has garnered more than 388,000 likes and scored over 10,000 comments. 

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COVID-19 pandemic, which began March last year in India, forced people to stay at their homes time and again. A nationwide lockdown was imposed in the months of April and May 2020. People forgot about all the celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries and stayed at home. Until June, when the unlock began across the country and people could finally go out from their homes and celebrate.

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