Kota (Rajasthan), Oct 10 (PTI) BJP MLA Madan Dilawar Sunday expressed regret over his caste-sensitive remarks during a public event, saying his words were not "of a civilised person".

During the 'Prashashan Gaon ke Sang (administration with people' programme at Manda village under his Ramganjmandi Assembly constituency, the MLA lost his temper when people raised slogans against him over village development fund.

He told them in anger he belongs to a caste that "hangs (dead animals) upside down".

The locals hit back at him, telling him their own caste and saying they too have "stick (latth)" in their hands.

In a video statement on Sunday, the MLA said the locals' "rude" words and behaviour could incite any common man and what he said was directed at him only not at any one else.

When contacted, he told PTI Sunday, "My words were not aimed at any one but at me as I belong to the community that hangs animals upside down (cattle) as it is our profession for generations." The MLA said he was not among those who could be bullied down.

"However, the words which were used by me publically were not of a civilised person," Dilawar said.