After topping Billboard Hot 100 chart for weeks with their second English single 'Butter', South Korean band BTS has announced the release of a remix version of the song with the American rapper Megan Thee Stallion as the featuring artist. Both the band and the Grammy winning rapper announced the collaboration on their social media handles.

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BTS' label BIGHIT Music released a statement on Weverse, a social networking sight, stating, "‘Butter’ by BTS has had the singular honor of reaching no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 nine times, the most by any song to date in 2021. To celebrate this historic BTS milestone that was made possible by our fans, we would like to announce the release of a new ‘Butter’ remix version.""

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"‘Butter’ (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) features the inimitable rap, signature sounds and ad-libbing of three-time Grammy Award-winner Megan Thee Stallion with the exceptional personality of BTS showcased in the original song to create an even richer experience for all listeners," further read the statement.

The heavily anticipated collaboration, however, was not without its share of troubles, with Meghan Thee Stallion accusing her label, 1501 Complete Entertainment, of attempting to stop the song from releasing. The 'WAP' rapper filed a petition against the label and the CEO, Carl Crawford.

Megan had filed for "emergency relief from the Court before this Friday, August 27, 2021, to allow her new music to be released this week as previously-scheduled”, according to documents obtained by Variety. 

"If Pete is not allowed to release a new track this Friday on which she is the featured artist in a remix with BTS of the song called, ‘Butter,’ her music career will suffer irreparable damage, including a devastating impact to her relationships with her fans and with other recording artists in the music industry," said the documents, using the rapper's birth name, Megan Pete.

Merely hours later, Megan was granted a temporary restraining order, which allowed her to release the track. The rapper, wanting to share the happy news with her fans, took to Twitter to react to the ruling.

Fans of the rapper and of the group BTS, ecstatic at this news, have showered love on Twitter, calling 25th August a "Fantastic Day for Armyhotties." The fans promised to get the BTS X Meg remix to number on the Billboards "for sure."

BTS is currently one of the biggest groups in the world, with millions of fans, who call themselves ARMY. Combined with Megan Thee Stallion's undeniable skills as a rapper, the remix will be something to watch out for.

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The new 'Butter' remix featuring Megan Thee Stallion releases on 27th August at 9:30 am IST.