The global fashion giants Louis Vuitton on Monday announced on Twitter that the BTS boys will be making their ramp debut at their show this year. The news comes months after the group was signed as the brand ambassador for the fashion company. 

The show will feature the men’s fall-winter line and will be held on July 7 in Seoul. The date is two days ahead of the release of BTS’s ‘Permission to dance’, co-written by British singer Ed Sheeran

Those interested in watching the boys on the ramp can watch the live stream of the show on Louis Vuitton’s Youtube page or their website. 

The winter collection’s presentation was inspired by James Baldwin’s seminal essay from 1953 called ‘Stranger in the Village’. 

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According to the brand’s website, the set of the show "configures and reconfigures the Swiss village through an abstract marble stage that represents the author’s shifting emotions”. 

The majority of the wood and stone that would be used to construct the set will be donated for reuse. 

The looks of this collection embodies the predetermined perceptions of the familiar dress code of “archetypes, the writer, the artist, the drifter, the salesman, the hotelier, the gallery owner, the architect and the student”. 

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Virgil Abloh, an American designer said that the collection imbues the grammar of these people but makes it unique by employing fashion as a tool to step out of the boundaries. 

The accessories and garments used in the collection play off of the techniques of illusion. “Replicating the familiar through the deceptive lenses of trompe l’oeil and filtrate, and re-appropriating the normal through extreme elevation”, stated the website. 

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With the announcement of the news, ARMY took to social media to express their astonishment and excitement at the news. 

One said, “The boys look expensive in the trailer”. Another commented that BTS will be ending all models careers. 

Some users commented if they could get the invite to the show. 

Tagging the screengrab of the trailer, one user commented how the side glance of Jin looks like it is part of the script of a romantic Korean drama show. 

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