American e-commerce company Amazon is facing backlash for allegedly selling T-shirts featuring the Russian pro-war ‘Z’ symbol shortly after the invasion of Ukraine.

Social media users found various T-shirts with the symbol being sold on the website. The T-shirts cost as much as Rs. 2,000 and were hosted on their Prime service for one-day delivery.

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Upon noticing this, several people took to Twitter to slam Amazon, asking the retail giant to pull the items from sale immediately. Some accused the sellers of “profiteering from war” and minting money from the deaths of others.

“Shameless Jeff Bezos & Amazon profiteering off of Pro-Russian Z tee shirts! JUST SAY NO!” one person wrote.

“Are you really selling this tshirt Amazon, Jeff Bezos? Don’t you have any conscience? Or are you just plain greedy/ignorant?” another wrote.   

“Didn’t believe it, but turns out you can. Disgusting. Take them down Amazon FFS,” another Twitter user wrote. 

Several activists and influencers also called out Amazon for selling the T-shirts. 

Activist Andy Kinsey said, “AmazonUK care to take this down? Or are you supporting Russia? Seems to be one of a number of similar shirts available* ball is in your court.”

Following the outrage, Amazon confirmed that the T-shirts are no longer available for sale on the website. 

For those unversed, Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. The letter ‘Z’ has been appearing on Russian vehicles invading the neighboring nation in order to quickly identify if a vehicle is a friend or foe. The symbol has since become a propaganda symbol by Vladimir Putin’s supporters in Moscow