Some Morphe employees are claiming on TikTok that the cosmetics retailer Morphe is closing US locations with “barely any warning”.

Videos about the experiences of two TikTokers with the handles @creepypeachy and @daddymuaa have been posted.

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Dani, aka @creepypeachy, claimed to be the store manager of a Morphe location and said she was given just four days’ notice of her store’s formal closure.

Dani alleges in the video: “Morphe has been closing retail stores for at least a year now, hush-hush real quiet. They’re telling everyone that it’s due to lease stuff. 

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She further went on to say that, “They told us on the 22nd of December that our last day of business is the 26th of December; which is today. And then tomorrow, we’re just packing up the store, and we don’t have a job any more.”

Dani stated she would be given three weeks’ worth of severance compensation because she had been employed at the store for nearly a year and a half. To “get the word out,” she said she created the TikTok for, and she inquired as to why “no one’s talking about it?”

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An official from Forma Brands, the company that owns Morphe, confirmed that several US outlets are closing in an email to Insider. The number of stores that are being shut down was not made public.

Forma noted issues with the “broader beauty landscape throughout the last year” for the Morphe store closures. The company representative further continued in the mail that, “Decisions that impact our people are incredibly difficult and we extend our deepest gratitude to the dedicated Morphe store team members at the closing stores.”

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In 2022, new cosmetics companies entered the market, including Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty, Hailey Bieber’s Rhode Skin, and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop. Due to the present post-pandemic economic difficulties, this has put additional pressure on other high-street cosmetics retailers.

Dani’s point of view was shared by TikTok user @daddymuaa in a different, since-deleted video, according to The Daily Dot.  In the video, he claims the store where he works had yet to close, although he pans to empty shelves he alleges belong to a Morphe store.

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Additionally, he expressed concern over “not being able to pay for your bills or whatever.”

Morphe has yet to directly address the claims made by the TikTokers and has not publicly acknowledged or confirmed the number of stores closing.