The South Korean band BTS will take part in Louis Vuitton’s show in Seoul this week. Louis Vuttion had announced BTS as their newest house ambassador in April 2021 as a part of the collaboration. The brand confirmed that they will be working on series of special projects with the band. 

BTS broke several records with their new single album “Butter” in May. The house ambassador of the luxury brand took to social media to announce that they will be making an appearance at the upcoming Louis Vuitton men’s fall-winter fashion show in Seoul, where they will reveal their next collection. 

The fashion show goes live this coming Wednesday, July 7, at 7 p.m. in Seoul from Louis Vuitton’s official Twitter account and on their YouTube channel also, watch it once the event starts from LV’S youtube channel.

BTS might make its runway debut with the upcoming Louis Vuitton show, where Virgil Abloh, Men’s artistic director for LV will present the next collection. This comes ahead of BTS’ new song release “Permission To Dance,” co-written by Ed Sheeran for the global superstars, the track will release on July 9. 

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However, Alboh didn’t reveal many details about the show at the time but in a statement he said, “I am looking forward to this wonderful partnership which adds a modern chapter to the house, merging luxury and contemporary culture. I can’t wait to share all the very exciting projects we are working on.”

Louis Vuitton revealed that their live-streamed event in January was a very successful show as the BTS army made the event go viral. BTS and Louis Vuitton’s collaboration goes way back in history. The band sported full LV looks from their Men’s Fall-Winter 2020 collection at the Dynamite press conference in August 2020. 

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In January 2021, BTS went viral after receiving their invitation to the Louis Vuitton Man’s Fall 2021 show, when the brand shared a video of the group opening them along with personalized coffee cups and wooden airplanes on Twitter. Then the band donned LV outfits again in March 2021, which mixed sportswear and luxury to the Grammys.