CNN’s CEO Chris Licht announced his resignation from the position on Wednesday, as confirmed by CNN. This decision follows the publication of a magazine profile that garnered substantial criticism and resulted in the alienation of staff members and important senior figures within the network.

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As the news of his resignation surfaced, several Don Lemon memes surfaced on the Internet. American journalist Don Lemon, who was working for CNN since 2006, was ousted under Licht’s administration this year.

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Many users reacted on the news of Chris Licht’s resignation. One user wrote, “Don Lemon this morning watching CNN 😭😭😭😭”

“This is Chris Licht the president of CNN. He fired Don Lemon because Don didn’t want to be part of the Trump Propaganda Channel Takeover. It’s Time To Boycott CNN. I’ve been watching them since the beginning, but I can’t anymore.#BoycottCNN 01”, another user tweeted.

After the news of Licht’s stepping down was announced several people demand rehiring of Don Lemon. One user wrote, “After he screwed up the CNN network and good people have left!!  Bring back Brian Stetler and Don Lemon!”

Chris Licht’s exit from CNN comes about a year after he succeeded the previous celebrated network CEO, Jeff Zucker. The disclosure of a relationship with a subordinate drove Zucker to leave, which resulted in his resignation.

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CNN has announced that the CEO will be temporarily replaced by a committee led by Amy Entelis and Eric Sherling, who oversees US-based content.

CNN has formally announced Chris Licht’s retirement as CEO, effective immediately. This means that Licht will no longer work for the company, and his departure will take effect immediately.