As Jeff Bezos
Blue Origin on Wednesday sent another set of people, including actor William
, Senator Elizabeth Warren criticised billionaires who are going into
outer space but do not pay their taxes on Earth.

The Massachusetts
senator was speaking on President Joe Biden’s trillion-dollar legislative plan in
an interview with “The View” on ABC. She said that Democrats want to make the
ultra-rich pay higher taxes to help cover the costs of the plan.

“The money
is going to come from the billionaires who don’t pay their taxes and therefore
have enough money to shoot themselves into space,” Warren said.

founder Jeff Bezos flew to the edge of space on a rocket built by his space
company, Blue Origin in July this year. The move was criticised as more than
185,000 people signed petitions not to allow Bezos to return to Earth,
according to Business Insider.

to a report by ProPublica citing IRS documents, Bezos did not
pay any federal income taxes in 2007 and 2011. His company Amazon also did not
pay any federal tax in 2017 and 2018. Bezos has a current net worth of over $190

founder Elon Musk did pay a little income tax but according to reports, he
reported $US1.52 billion taxable income to the IRS.

spending package aims to increase federal spending in education, healthcare,
childcare, and climate. The bill is stalled though as progressives in the
Democratic party are fighting over the nitty grittys of the plan with the

“Nobody is
going to get everything they want, and that includes all the senators. I want
the folks on the other side to put on the table what they don’t want,” Warren
said, ABC reported.