After facing several postponements that left students uncertain and anxious, the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) will finally be held on September 13, 2020. While students have had a few extra months to prepare for the exam, they were stressful too. The students should however, now enter the exam hall with a relaxed mind and give their best shot. Here are some last-minute tips that will help you enter the exam hall with confidence: 

Subject-wise revision— This last week should be all about revising the NCERT coursework and the notes you have made during the preparation. Do not try out any new study material. Focus on all three sections of the exam i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Biology and start with topics that carry more weightage – 

Biology: Start with biological classification, plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, cell, human health and disease, ecosystem, the principle of inheritance and variation, human reproduction. Be very thorough with the diagrams. 

Chemistry: Start with chemical bonding and molecular structure, s and P block elements, equilibrium, chemical kinetics, d and f block elements as these are some of the important chapters. Practice chemical reactions and equations.  

Physics: Focus on modern physics and semiconductor devices, magnetism and matter, current electricity, newton laws system of particles and rotational motion. 

Practice mock tests – The best way to gauge your preparedness is by solving as many mock tests as possible. Also solve and last few years' question papers to identify your weaknesses and strengths. It will also help you in time management and speed  while appearing for the actual exam.

Some points to know- Biology has more weightage than Physics and Chemistry and is the tiebreaker when it comes to rank allocation after the cut-off is released. If two aspirants have the same score, the one with higher marks in Biology gets a higher rank. If both still have the same Biology marks, those who score high in Chemistry are given preference. As for the NEET cut-off, last year, the general category cut-off was at 133 marks while it was 107 marks for OBC/SC/ST.

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