Partying seems like a happy option after all the negativity and stress that we have been through due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns that followed. The bitter truth is that we now have to get used to living with the virus and clubbing is an integral part of living (not literally, but kinda). Thus, it is important to learn the new rules and behaviour of post-pandemic clubbing.

With England having lifted nearly all virus restrictions on Monday's so-called 'Freedom Day', people will naturally flock to clubs and pubs. While doing so, it is important to not let your guards down.

These tips will help you go clubbing in times of corona minus the infection.

Research, research, and research

Not in an obsessive way, but yes, research as to where you are going in times of a pandemic. A club is a place flooded with people, where drinks are served, food is ordered and most of all people dance and enjoy, which means, great chances of close physical contact. 

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Getting enough information about your club will help you take proper care of yourself and behave accordingly in the space.

Get vaccinated

This applies even if you have to stay indoors for the rest of your life. Vaccination is key but it will add a layer of protection if you are going to a place a risky as a club. 

Getting a vaccine before going out will not only help you physically by immunising you against the virus but will also release the mental strain and paranoia of catching the virus.

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Test before going to a club

It is always wise and responsible to test yourself before going out, especially in a place like a club where you can easily spread the infection to hundreds of people. 

Mask up

Many would argue that it is utterly uncomfortable to dance with a mask on, but is it? Think twice. You can make a fashion statement of your own by doing so. Also, if Altern 8 can pull it off so brilliantly, we are no less than anyone. Right?

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So all those who have made clubbing plans for this weekend. Make sure you follow these tips. Follow all the COVID protocols and be responsible.