Chicago Bears coach Matthew Nagy is being criticised on social media for admitting rookie quarterback Justin Fields into the squad as Andy Dalton remains injured. The backlash comes after the Bears lost to Cleveland Browns with a score of 26-6 on Sunday. 

Nagy's team selection skills were questioned by the followers of the Chicago Bears. A social media user wrote, "Matt Nagy has managed to take two top-10 picks and another two guys who combined for 4 pro bowls and a Super Bowl MVP and make every single one of them look atrocious."

While some fans also called for Nagy's resignation from his position as Fields' performance in his debut game failed to impress many. The 22-year-old went into the game under pressure and got sacked nine times in the blow-out game against Cleveland Browns.

A social media user wrote, "If Nagy names Dalton the starter next week and says “he knows our offense and gives us the best chance to win” after giving Fields no chance to succeed and failing to adapt the offense to utilize his unique skills, Nagy should be given a one way ticket to anywhere out of Chicago."

Nagy said Wednesday the team will go with the prized rookie quarterback with Dalton sidelined because of a left knee injury.

“Justin's gonna be our starter,” he said. “His prep starts ... right now", according to Associated Press reports.

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Days before the game on Sunday, Fields said in a statement, "I have been preparing for this moment for a long time. My mindset doesn’t change, I’m still going to have to play my football and just prepare the best I can."

He added, "Like I said before, get a lot of practice reps and study, study, study, and get more comfortable and confident with the plays and stuff like that", according to reports from Associated Press.