Singer Nicki Minaj’s mother Carol thanked her kids for motivating her to leave an abusive marriage. She made peace with Robert long before his tragic death in February after he was hit by a car in New York. 

Reflecting on her turbulent marriage to the rapper’s dad Robert and how she emerged to become a champion of victims of domestic violence, she told HollywoodLife, “A son sees his father abusing his mother, he’ll grow up and think that’s normal. And he does that to his girl and he’s controlling.” 

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Carol has two sons, Jelani, 42, and Micaiah, 23, in addition to 38-year-old Nicki.

She further added, “And then the daughter, she sees her mother being submissive and taking a lot of these things and she thinks that maybe that’s OK and she falls for the same kind of man. A great percentage of homes fall (into) that position. The children follow their parents. That happens. I always was concerned about that; that they would do the same thing that their father did.”

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Carol also claims that Nicki questioned why her mother would let Robert treat her that way.

She told the publication, “Even as a teenager my daughter would say, ‘Why is he doing that to you?’” she says. “So they look at you differently when they see you just being passive or just taking stuff or praying or just acting like it’s nothing. But they look at you as a strong person when you get up and do something about it.”

“Leaving My Pain” is part-memoir, part self-help guide offering advice and inspiration to other victims.